Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Assalammualaikum .. hye sume :) lame kan x share story dgn korang sume .. sory la .... malas la nk taip .. hmm ... sory taw ! today i have a sad story to share with you all :( just now (10.30pm) dy gtau kt aq yang dy dpt tawaran ambik bidang PILOT kt AVIATION MANAGEMENT COLLEGE kt Bangi ,Selangor .. tegamam n terkedu jgk la aq dgr dy ckp mcm tu .. jadi perlukan aq biarkan dy prgi ? or halang dy ? hmm ....its very2 difficult to make a decision . now , the problem is :
1- how i want to go to college ? by bus
2- who want to accompany me breakfast , lunch n dinner ?
3- who want to listen my expression of feeling
"WHO" ???
OMG.. its so hard ! 
what should i do ? 
if he go , surely i MISS him very2 much .. 

thank you for visiting

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